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Sunday, May 1, 2011

"I had a friend was a big baseball player, back in high school..."

I loathe bravado.  For me it has a kind of disgustingness to it, not unlike the dried out bodies of earthworms on a sidewalk, a day after a rainstorm.  It is, for me, so very unnecessary a facet of life.  If you got it, then use it and shut up about it.  Let your actions do the talking, not your words about your actions.

Now what brings this little rant on?  Honestly, it was something I read in a local blog.  I can't tell you the number of times I've read self-inflating stuff on line locally.  My Lord boys and girls, this is the freak'n know...the land where porn is the number one money making activity.  It's not saying an awful lot if one's claim to fame is being the self-proclaimed warmest turd on the fringes of a pile where the biggest turd involves creepy old men ogling over "Hot Asian Teens" or something equivalent.

I'd like to suggest a self-imposed credo (as opposed to a Gredo) for anyone blogging on-line, particularly on a local level.

I, as a local blogger, do hereby acknowledge that...

I am basically an armchair quarterback who is more comfortable talking (writing) than actually doing.

I acknowledge that I may have been first, longest, most commented, most hits, etc. at local blogging, but I also also acknowledge that this is not all that dissimilar to winning a gold medal in the Special Olympics.
(With apologies to all those with actual mental handicaps out there.)

I confess that I do this blogging stuff basically because I enjoy the voyeuristic thought that someone else may actually read what I have to say...and actually take it seriously.  I further confess that this is something of a first for me in my life.

I readily admit  the only thing I have to offer is an over-inflated set of opinions, and not much else.  If I actually were an expert at what I rant about, I'd probably be making a living at that thing instead of typing these stupid blog entries.

See all these ads on my blog?  I actually hear enough to buy a cup of coffee from the revenue...every two or three weeks (or so).  Maybe.  Kinda. 

Hey, it's just a suggestion.  I don't expect anyone to actually endorse this kind of thing. We local bloggers are far too serious a group for that kind of thing.  


J Curtis said...

At least youre honest.

Stephen Albert said...

Commie, pinko-baby killer, socialist to some: anti-union, pro-big business, anti-poor to others; usually honest most.