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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


"Dichotomy" is one of those words that I like to throw into a sentence every now and then.  Why?  Well for starters it's simply a cool word.  It also expresses a complex thought, namely a subdivision into two exclusive or opposing parts.  Sometimes, I think, the world needs a few complex thoughts thrown into the mix.  There is too much mental "fast food" out there for my tastes.

Dichotomy is also a good word to describe my day today.

On one hand we had some not-too-pleasant events occur at work, the kind of stuff that gives you pause and just generally adds a toxin to your day.  No details here, as I don't want to disrespect those who are directly impacted, but suffice to say people were not happy.  I was not happy.

On the other hand my youngest daughter, Rebecca, participated in her senior National Honor Society program at school.  Just about the opposite of toxic, at least for me.  It reminded me of how wonderfully blessed I have been to have smart, polite, and generally all-around great daughters.  They make me very proud.

Dichotomy indeed.

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