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Monday, May 23, 2011

Road Apples, #99.9*

(*) I actually want to do something different for my "100th" Road Apples, but alas, there are too many random thoughts running through my head to pull that one off.  As a result I'll simply cheat by forestalling the 100th post for a few more days via an accounting trick.  Hey, I took Accounting in college....Accounting 1 & 2 to be the same time.

Our World Doesn't End, but Harold Camping's Does...I've been looking through articles to see if Harold "Ruptured Rapture Dreams" Camping was going to make a statement about the end of the world going el-busto.  Near as I can determine, Mr Camping (he isn't actually a Reverend of any sort) will be making a statement today (Monday) to the International Business Times.  There is a great article on what he should say in the statement HERE.   I particularly like the author's assertion that Mr Camping should work to restore the lives, livelihoods and relationships of those he duped into following prediction.

Best line that I heard on this?  The Rev. David Rivers from Philadelphia asking his congregation at the beginning of services "Is everybody here?".  I had to smile at that one.

TLC...For some insane reason I have been watching more of the cable channel TLC during those few times when I actually do watch TV.  It's an odd mix, to say the least.  You have your assorted shows about dwarfs, breeders, polygamists, sexual oddities and such.  Think a real cornucopia of freakishness.  Two low-lites:

  • Pawn Queens (media review HERE) - This show is about a female-oriented Pawn Shop.  It also is,  quite possibly, the worst television show I have ever seen in my entire life.  Of any genre. Period.  Now I actually have seen the show "Pawn Stars" on the Hilter (I mean History) channel, but the only thing the two shows have in common is the word "Pawn" in their titles.  Sexist?  Nahhhh...the show is just really, really terrible.
  • Sister Wives (like HERE) - Polygamy on display. This is actually pretty compelling to watch, but as I'm paying half attention to it something gnaws at me...darn...what could it be?  Oh, I remember...what they are doing is ILLEGAL!  Yes, polygamy is against the law, and yet here is a TV show about people breaking the law, in a rather open way to boot.  Based on this precedent, how about a family of Crank Dealers next?  Maybe a show about some wacky illegal immigrant smugglers "just trying to say under the radar"?  Anyway, let be bottom line the premise of this whole polygamy thing for you: This guy is a major horn-doggie and he wants to have intimate relationships with many different he uses god (lower case on purpose) as an excuse to "marry" a few wives.  Horn-doggy-ness satisfied, Oh, but wait, polygamy is still against the law.
Speaking of horn doggy-ness, we also have a show about breeders on TLC (HERE), but at least this patriarch has found a way to indulge himself while not violating federal law.

Philadelphia Orchestra...I attended a performance of the Philadelphia Orchestra yesterday at the Kimmel Center in downtown Philadelphia.  On the bill were selections from Stravinsky and Beethoven (Symphony No. 9 in D minor...).  I didn't grow up listening to classical music, but you have to expand your horizons in life or I suspect your old ones will simply come crashing down upon you.  It was a good time with great company.

Wheezy Department...My breathing is improving as the days past, and last Thursday's half day stay at Scranton's Hotel Moses Taylor Hospital is fading into a memory.  Much blood-work has been done, and with the skill of my doctor noted, I'm scheduled for an appointment for Friday morning to get some results.  Maybe I will simply have a a bad case of seasonal allergies that caused an infection that caused the asthma. Maybe I have an allergy to bad doomsday prophets.  Maybe I have a mushroom garden growing my my lungs.  Who knows.  All I do know is that THIS WEEZY is far more fun than THIS WHEEZY.

Strange Bedfellows...It seems that the word is out throughout the political and media landscape that Corey O'Brien and Jim Wansacz have created a typical "political marriage of convenience".  Mark my words:  united campaign.  These guys are cut from the same cloth using the same shears.  The only thing not interchangeable about them is Corey O'Brien's law degree.  The next 4 years of governance in Lackawanna County are going to feature NOTHING new.

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