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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Road Apples, #99

The Week that Was...Well I moved my oldest daughter back home after graduating from college, had a great lunch with my Senior Vice President at work and had to be taken to the emergency room at Moses Taylor Hospital on Thursday because of a severe asthma attack.  Oh, and I was just diagnosed with asthma on Monday. It was an interesting week.

Speaking of Moving...I split my daughter's belongings between my house and the house of her mother, with me taking much of the non-clothing stuff.  Since returning I've been organizing it into storage tubs by type of object.  My hope?  When she does find a place of her own it will be easier to set things up.  Plus I'm always up for some organizing.  In some bizarre way organizing things makes me feel somehow content.  Think "order in my world".

Election Day is this Tuesday...I really try to not do too much political stuff, as it is all so over-powering at times.  So many angles, so much noodling of the facts, so much gutless guile.  That noted, there are two candidates out there that I actually quasi-excite me.  More to come, hopefully, pending motivation.

Facebook Follies...At what point in time do you look at your Facebook profile and ask "why is that person on my friend list?  I've never met them".  One of these days of these days...

Dog Heroes...From what I read, one of the real heroes of the Bin Laden ticket to Hell was a special ops dog.  Fascinating stuff.  You can read more HERE.  I'm not really a dog kind of guy, but these critters are impressive.

**Wow, I just noted that these individual Road Apples are mighty short.  Just like my ability to take a deep breath.**

Road Apples #100...My next Road Apple posting will be #100.  What to do?  What to do?  Actually I do have an idea or two in mind.

TLC...the network, has a show called "Sister Wives".  Apparently they haven't gotten the word that bigamy is against the law.  Oh, and it is also against the tenants of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day much for the Mormon angle.  On a more positive note, none of the wives look like Snookie.

Paradigm Shift...As I noted the other day, on Thursday morning someone put their morning on hold to help take care of me.  Mind blowing really when I think about it.  You see that's not my paradigm in life...I am the one who takes care of people...people don't take care of me. I'm grateful not just for the greater lesson about adversity (hell, I've had a few of those over the past few months), but more importantly for the simple fact that someone really, truly cared enough to put me first.  That's about one of the best blessings one can experience in life and based on that I am already ahead of the game.  To my benefactor I can only say "thank you" in so many ways using the written word.

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