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Friday, May 20, 2011

Corey O'Brien on Jim Wansacz

From the "strange bedfellows" department, received about two weeks or so ago in the mail.


"No wonder Jim Wansacz is smiling...
He brought home everything but the kitchen sink.

  • Organized an voted for the infamous midnight payraise
  • Took home a massive 50% pension increase
  • Pocketed hundreds of thousands in taxpayer funded per diems
  • Bought a home in Harrisburg and still collected tax dollars for lodging
  • Free health care for life, at your expense
  • Delivered over $1 million to a local company that then hired him immediately after leaving office
...and he never authored a single bill that became law.

Don't give Wansacz another handout.


Damn, I should have saved one of the anti-O'Brien pieces that Wansacz put out during the campaign.  Maybe there is one laying around here somewhere...

Anyway, what's the point of bringing this up?  Simple:  Anyone who votes for either O'Brien or Wansacz is being played for a fool.  These guys are more interested in personal ambition than anything else.  They slammed each other mercilessly during the primary, but look for it to get "all warm and fuzzy" as the general election rolls out.  Any distaste they have for each other will be replaced by a stronger quest for publicly acquired personal power.  O'Brien and Wansacz have, after all, strong name recognition.

To play this out just a bit more, want to know why NEPA spawned such political "legends" as...

...Joe McDade (investigated by the U.S. House of Representatives)
...Dan Flood (suddenly gets senile as the paper trail draws closer)
...Bob Mellow (serving of Boards of industries he had a role in regulating; under indictment)
...Mark Ciavarella & Michael Conahan (juvenile justice gone insane in Luzerne County)
...Paul Kanjorski (steering federal money to family member business)

...?  For me, I strongly believe that it's voting based solely on this notion of name recognition and ethnicity, a pattern long-too established in Northeastern Pennsylvania.  Quite frankly we should be better than this, and perhaps the near primary victory of Liz Randol is proof that change may be around the corner.

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