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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Road Apples, #77

Facebook Feed...Why is it that Facebook feeds my blog entries at such strange intervals?  Maybe there is a pattern to how this is done, but I'll be damned if I understand it.  Why the service isn't worth what I pay for it.  Ops, wait, scratch that last comment.  It would be nice if they fed the media I paste as well.  Make that "sauce for the goose".

Changes 1 ...Well now that my middle daughter has been away at school for something like two weeks, I've finally decided to go up to her attic bedroom and clean it out.  Note to you fathers out there:  cleaning out the bedroom of an 18 year old daughter is not for the faint of heart, as you may find things that you wish you would not have found.  No biggie though because in the parenting business, understanding is probably the most important asset you can have, bar none.  Well that and a sense of humor.  Oh, and a sense for the ironic (as in "gee, my kids are pulling the same stunts I did when I was their age") helps as well.

Vision...I've been taking some medication this week to help with a certain problem, and it has this very annoying side-effect of making my already crappy vision even worse.  Imagine that?  It's bad enough I don't have very good depth perception, now what little I do is blurry.  Have I mentioned lately how much growing old really, really sucks?

Book Burning...It looks like the whole book burning fiasco has come and gone, although not without those raving lunatics from Westboro Baptist Church (God, Baptists around the globe must cringe when they hear that affiliation) attempting to do a "hey, pay attention to us!" act.  As I have noted ad nauseam here, I don't like the idea of burning any books.  Human beings produce and inflict so much pain on each other, so why destroy one of the few things that actually exemplifies our better nature?  Burn no books, ever. Rather than burning a book that offends you, I say buy a copy, study it and better understand just why you are offended.  You may learn a lot about yourself in the process. 

Quiet...It is amazing how much more quiet my house is now that two of the three daughters are away at school. 

Changes 2...After having done some work in the attic bedroom, I decided to see what it is like sleeping up there.  One thing is for sure:  the mattress isn't exactly what I would call being of "high grade".  In fact I think I still have spring indentations on my back.  I think I need to see about getting some kind of padding for it.  Since I also want to replace the blinds in the room, maybe a trip to the Christmas Tree Shoppe is in order.  That place is always good for odds-n-ends in the home-store department.  I've also gotten some decent furniture there as well over the years, including a really neat looking mission cabinet that I store audio & video stuff.

Innovation...They now make Metamucil in a pink lemonade flavor.  Scrumptious.  Doesn't exactly taste like lemonade, but hey that's not the "real" intent.  And who says Americans aren't good at innovation any more?

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