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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Enjoy that iPod/iPhone/iPad?

Apple Inc. produces products which seem to appeal to a certain demographic that, among other things, tends to lean towards being socially conscious.  It's with that in mind that I read an outstanding article in this week's Bloomberg Businessweek.

The Man Who Makes Your iPhone:  Inside Foxconn

It's a very long article, but if you think about human rights, labor rights, or just tend to think period it is worth the investment.

Ironic, huh? I have no doubt that there are journalists out there who write on and on about the downtrodden workers of the world...on computers produced by what amounts to a veal farm for technology.

Another bit of irony is the fact that are tons of self-proclaimed anti-business types who probably dismiss Businessweek as being nothing more than capitalistic propaganda, but yet (as a subscriber) I have found that it produces some of the most critically insightful and balanced journalism out there on business, labor and political issues.  They don't pay me to say this, but if you want a great resource to really learn about the issues of the day I highly suggest getting this magazine.

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