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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pat Rogan: The Beat-Down Continues

A follow-up to this POSTING.

These comments were pulled from a local "political" message board about Scranton City Council member Pat Rogan:

Get the fvck back on that leash and stay there until your term is up

Loyalty issues take precedent.

There are many thousands of betrayed dems in this city who would love to have Pat Rogan's nuts for breakfast today. 

I strongly suggest that Mr. Rogan gets back on the leash where he belongs

This little punk fvck is playing a very serious game with some people who have invested a lot of time, energy and money into the Evans' promises. 

There's a political element in this town "that matters", and it believes that Rogan has betrayed every dem that supported the Evans Team. He'd be swimming with the fish if he pulled that shyt with the mafia one time. 

We, meaning many thousands of us, didn't elect a FREE THINKER. We elected a team player.

While I usually provide a link to comments, I'm going to skip that this time, as I have no desire to drive traffic to that particular site.  Besides, I think this stuff more or less speaks for itself.

What's ironic is that the message board from which the above comments were culled is more or less dedicated to fighting the political system/status quo in Scranton politics.  However the messages above seem to be more about "fight the system, but only the way we want you to fight the system" and "loyalty to a brand is more important that loyalty to your conscience" than anything else.  The brand in question is Janet Evans and the city Democratic party.  This stuff screams of substituting one group of blind political toadies for another.

Perhaps Mrs Evans should talk to her supporters and emphasize to them just how much of a political throw-back all of this appears.  Wait, that would only work if Mrs Evans were actually interested in truly being a different kind of Scranton politician, you know one that puts principles before politics, one that values deliberative thought over and above blind obedience.

Free piece of advice to Mrs Evans:  sometimes the harder you squeeze, the more it slips through your fingers.

Somewhere in Hell Boss Tweed is smiling.

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