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Saturday, September 11, 2010

09.11 - Hero

I remember after this happened just wishing I could somehow cry just to get all of the emotions in my system out. I never did. That kind of thing just doesn't come naturally for me. But somehow hearing this song helps me deal with it all.

The other thing that stirred up a lot of emotion for me was a scene in the movie 'World Trade Center' that featured Nicholas Cage.  In the movie Cage played a firefighter who is trapped under some debris after one of the towers collapses.  Things are are looking bad.  Then a volunteering U.S. Marine who is searching the site of the towers for survivors and hears Cage trapped in the rubble.  The Marine tells him not to worry because "you are my mission".  I'm sure that part of the movie is a bit of fiction, but it never the less reminded me of how powerfully emotional a time it was.

Fiction aside, there were a lot of heroes on that day.

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