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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Road Apples, #76

Book Burning...Lots of opinions out there in both the traditional and non-traditional media on the subject of book burning.  I love it.  I just finished writing a too long winded comment on Justin Vacula's blog about the subject.  I think my thoughts are pretty clear:  I'm against the burning of any book.  The world needs less anti-intellectual sentiments, thank you very much.  Thugs and cretins burn books.

Changes...When you stop changing  you stop growing; when you stop growing you start dying.  I've spent the better part of the last twenty years really not changing all that much.  That needs to change.  No, I'm not shaving my head and joining a commune, but I am re-evaluating a lot of different things.  I am, as they say, on the down-hill side of my life now.  Done a lot for some, probably not done enough for others, but definitely haven't done enough for me. Time to take inventory.

Obama's Tax Proposals...are D.O.A.  Must people don't realize that to make the changes the President is proposing, you are basically creating a whole new piece of legislation.  This isn't a case of simply taking a MS Word document and zeroing out the cuts for rich folks and re-submitting it for a vote.  Much more complicated than that, and it's highly unlikely that any Republicans will vote for any tax bill that doesn't cut taxes for high-earners as well.  What will happen?  The tax cuts will expire and this will be used as a political guided missile by both parties.  As usual, all of us will end up losing in the process.

Social Security...I still have a post coming on it, but I've been bogged down my Adobe's Captivate, which I am trying to learn on my own.  Not much success.  To quote that great philosopher Ralph Kramden, "one of these days...".

Howard Stern News...I am a self-proclaimed Howard Stern fan who has been listening to the show since the late 80's.  He has talked quite a bit about how he may not re-sign with Sirius.  If that's the case, the company can kiss my subscription good bye.  Fortunately, my current subscription runs out at the same time his contract does.  Synchronicity in action.

Fontage...I apologize for the larger font, but lately I have been having trouble seeing the screen.  

More Howard Stern News...I found this on-line.  If you are a fan you will enjoy it.

Strike Two for Lou...Barletta's anti-illegal ordinances lose yet again in court (story link HERE).  Not much of a shock there, as anyone with access to a copy of the U.S. Constitution can tell you that it is the federal government that is solely responsible for securing the national borders.  Unfortunately that doesn't preclude someone from trying to stoke xenophobic fears for political gain via an ill conceived piece of legislation that would turn landlords into INS agents.  The real sad part?  Ultimately it will be the taxpayers of Hazelton that will pay for all of this lawyer feeding.

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