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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Zilda Arns

Zilda Arns, a person who dedicated her life to helping women and children, died in the Haitian earthquake on January 13th. If you've never heard of her that's okay, as I hadn't up until yesterday.

Here's an article about Ms Arns.

It's amazing how many people there are in this world who do incredible things, but yet you don't hear about them until after they are gone.

Anyway, I know that many, many people died on the earthquake, and based on what I've read about Ms Arns, she would probably be the last person who would want to be identified by name. However I can't help but juxtapose the story of Ms Arns against the recent comments by the Reverend Pat Robertson, who recently claimed that the Haitian earthquake was as a result of a "pack made with the Devil" by the Haitian people. According the the former Republican Presidential candidate, Haitians made this pack about two hundred years ago in order to over-throw French colonial rule.

I'm just curious, but if the earthquake was part of God's judgment against the Haitian people, did He also mean to kill Ms Arns? Being all powerful, I am reasonably sure that the Lord is above a "friendly fire" casualty. While this event is incredibly tragic, it also does bring out our best and worst traits as a species. You can see some of the best HERE; to see some of the worst, just re-watch the Rev Robertson video.

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