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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Road Apples, #54

It's Cold Enough Outside to freeze the testicles off a simian. This compliments my previous comment about it being cold enough to freeze the mammary glands off a Wiccan. Actually this is my (and I am sure others) least favorite part of the year. I don't ski, so there isn't much in the way of outdoor winter activities I actually like. In point of fact this weather is rather inconvenient, as I do like to walk around Lake Scranton, but that's really not possible when the temperature is barely making 20 degrees. Yes, it's no fun when you are wearing layers of clothing and sweating on the inside but freezing on the inside. I'm thinking that I need to relocate to a slightly warmer climate. Mind you I'm not talking about anything near tropical, but a location where the words "winter cold" translate to about 40 degrees.

In The Nobody But Me Cares Department...I am getting ready to move some furniture around in my home office area. This is a big deal to me, which probably says a lot about the status of my life (or lack thereof). In typical Steve fashion, I've measured the room, noted the door openings, measured the furnishing I have in here, etc. In other words I'm planning this all in my head well before I move a single thing. What's driving this seemingly large (as least as far as synapse time is concerned) endeavor? My flat screen television is too high up, and I want it more at eye-level from my desk chair. Well that and I regularly do need to de-junk the place.

I Hate Sleeping...For a while in early December I was sleeping well, but once again my sleep demon has caught up with me. Last night I actually took something to help me fall as sleep (Unisom or something like that), which I try not to do, but once in a while if I don't have a set wake-up time I'll go that route. Anyway, the pill did work in that I fell asleep after a reasonable few minutes, but I ended up waking at about 4am and then after falling back to sleep after about 15 minutes or so I woke up for good at about 7:15am. For the record, I think it was about 11pm when I got to bed. I didn't feel well when I woke-up, which for me is more mental than anything else. Too many thoughts racing through my head, so much mental clutter to let me mind relax enough to actually sleep in to, say, the ungodly hour of 9am. As I said, for me it's all mental. Maybe I need to work more on the whole stress management thing.

Today...Being a typical Sunday, today I paid bills in the morning, read the paper, and will eventually get ready to over to my mother's house to take her shopping. Given the temperature I'm not sure she will want to even go out, but I'll go over anyway. That will kill a few hours, and after that I really should hit the gym at work for about an hour. I haven't really gotten any dedicated exercise in two days, which is not a good thing. After that I need to take a two big piles of clothes from the girls to the laundry mat; I could do them at home, but given the quantity, it's much easier to wash a few loads simultaneously. The laundry mat is skeezy, but it is also convenient, so what the hell.

Current Events...For some reason I genuinely don't really care about current events, politics, or anything else weighty at the moment. I fact I couldn't force myself to even write about a related topic if I wanted to.

Bloom County Collection...When I graduated from college, one of the things that helped keep me sane during those first few years of living on my own was reading the comic strip Bloom County. Well the strips author, Berkeley Breathed, is putting out all the strips in a five volume collection. I've seen the first volume at Borders, so maybe I'll see if I can stop up there today to pick it up. I have many of the individual collection books (Blood County Babylon, Night of the Mary Kay Commandos, etc.), but it would be nice to have everything all in one spot. Something to look forward to. Based upon this "blah" mood that I'm in maybe it will be a beneficial stimulus of sorts.

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