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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The (Rare) Sports Blog

I don't normally write about sports, and when I have it's usually been in conjunction with other issues, such as the shameful graduation rate at UConn. Today, however, will be one of those rare days.

I watched the Capital One Bowl yesterday (well watched & listened to it when I wasn't near a TV), and as a Penn State Alum, I was thrilled with the victory. Yes, Daryll Clark proved that he could win the big game, although I personally wish he could have made that statement against Iowa and Ohio State. Anyway it was a great game and once again I'm proud to be a Penn Stater. It's ironic that this win comes on the same day when Florida's Bobby Bowden also won his final game, as he is forced into retirement by a college athletic system that (for many schools) is more about athletics than it is about college.

One complaint though: Let's all tell the folks in Orlando that if you are going to have a big-time college bowl game, then you need to reserve the field for that big-time college bowl game. Anyone watching the game could see that the field was horrible, down to the point of possibly being dangerous (with massive chunks of sod coming up all over the place). The only saving grace here is that neither Penn State nor LSU players managed to get hurt playing on a field that was not up to par. Now I know it was raining, but "sources" (wow, I have "sources") tell me that the field had been used extensively prior to the Capital One Bowl for high school and other play. I'm sorry, call me snobbish, but let those little kids play somewhere else so that the field could be playable for the big kids. The field conditions reflected poorly on Orlando and the level of prestige for the Bowl.

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Gort said...

When I looked at the field I thought they were playing the game at Montage.