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Friday, January 22, 2010

Comment on retired Scranton fireman charged with arson

You can read the story here.

This whole episode is very, very sad. What's sadder? Well for one, the notion that somehow the individual in question could not be guilty and that the whole thing was fabricated by Scranton's Mayor, Chris Doherty. Here's a sample comment that someone wrote in response to this story:

"i dont think he did it, all the things just dont come together. why would this man put the lives of his bothers at risk that he's worked with for obviously quite some time. and the paper is still stating "accused" and he was arraigned, not yet had a court date.. this is just something else doherty and his cronies are setting this guy up for, and wasnt the state fire inspector that was brought in dohertys cousin or something along that line?, hmm another conflict of interest if you ask me. so all you people better know your facts before you keep posting on here, just to bring people down. oh wait i forgot thats all you people do is waste your time because you have nothing better to do with your life then degrade everyone who isnt a doherty supporter. seriously grow up and find something productive to do with your time. i will say this, if he did do it he does deserve to sit in jail, but lets not rag on the scranton fire department, 99.9% of fire fighters are not like this and never will be. they should continue to get treated with the integrity and respect they deserve."

I read that and almost immediately became incensed. Why? Simply because it never ceases to amaze me how incredibly stupid some people show themselves to be. Now I actually did post a comment in response to the one noted above, which I've pasted below.

"...this is just something else doherty and his cronies are setting this guy up"

Seriously, someone thinks that this is Chris Doherty's fault? My Lord...that's just patently insane. Look, there is obviously enough evidence to charge this man, and unless someone is going to claim that Mayor Doherty somehow has the "power" to fabricate evidence (which would be a felony in and of itself), then I suggest that Kyle & others just sit on their hands until there is a trial & verdict. I guess then they can claim that the Mayor also controls the court system.

Look, the vast, vast majority of firemen are hard-working, decent human beings who would NEVER do this kind of thing, precisely because it would put co-workers and friends in danger. However by implying the fanciful notion that this guy could NEVER be guilty (and that this is all part of some insane conspiracy), Kyle and apologists like him actually feed into the worst notions about public servants. Let the system work & save the conspiracy theories for late-night talk radio.

As noted, let's have the court decide the individual's guilt or innocence. However creating an evil "boogy-man" out of a small town Mayor serves no real purpose, other than to make the accusers look like idiots.

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