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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Skrep-Daddy Scores!

Yes, Wilkes-Barre's favorite football hero proves that he probably didn't take any Law...or Civics...or Political Science...or Common Sense...classes at Michigan. Yes, Skrep-Daddy is just now learning that accepting five grand in exchange for a vote is, in fact, considered bribery.

Article Here.

As I've said many-a-time, "football hero" qualifies you to maybe be, well, almost nothing (maybe a a football coach...just maybe). Now Skrep-Daddy will spend some time in jail, and perhaps the voters of Luzerne County will spend some time thinking about what the word "qualification" means the next time they elect a County Commissioner. Here's a hint: the words "football hero" are nowhere to be found.

As something of a coda to this post, I remember a few years ago when Skrep-Daddy had his short-lived sports show on WILK. This is the one where he would proclaim some high school jock the "Stud of the Week". I never did get a reply from WILK to the complaint email I sent them about just how offensive, in so many different ways, that whole concept was. Add this to the roster of other former glamorous and now potentially pin-stripped WILK show hosts, including:

...the "Mansions and Estates" dude who defrauded customers and then went bat-$hit crazy
...the "Money in Motion" dude who apparently did have money in motion...from investor wallets directly into his own bank account

That's a proud history, "hayna or no"*?

(*) Since WILK is so notoriously Wilkes-Barre centric, I thought it might be appropriate to end the post with some colorful local vocabulary.

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