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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tiger Woods: Great Golfer, Mac Daddy or Both?

I love the Urban Dictionary. I found it one day while trying to figure out what just what something I heard on the radio meant. I am not going to mention the term, as I try and keep this stuff "PG Rated" but suffice to say I was enlightened. Anyway, another term I found a definition for in the Urban Dictionary is that of "Mac Daddy". My favorite entry for the term? Why that would be...

"Mac Daddy" or Mack Daddy, is a term used to describe a man with an unusual power over women,

...and so we have Tiger Woods who, at last count, was cavorting with at least 13 different women, if you count his wife.

Now let me say this: I fully understand the fact that not everyone is in an ideal marriage, and that sometimes people have needs for attention, affection, friendship, support, caring, etc. that they can not find within the confines of an existing relationship. Being in a marriage like that is no doubt torture, but that's a different issue than what I think the situation is with Tiger Woods.

Is Tiger Woods in a bad marriage? I don't fact none of us can know. However, there is one, ever-so-slight clue that tells us something about the nature of his extra-marital relationships: Namely that there have been about 12 of them, some apparently happening simultaneously.

No, it appears that Tiger Woods has had his harem for reasons that seem a bit more simple than those complexities founds in a difficult marital relationship: he did it simply because he could. Why else would there be 12 of them? Actually I suspect that there are probably even more than 12. Why stop there? I am not judging Tiger Woods as an person, husband or golfer. I don't know him and I stink at golf, so by my logic I am unqualified to stand in judgment of him or his actions. I do know this tough: seeming to have it fame, a beautiful wife, a nice house, etc. apparently were not enough to make Tiger Woods happy. That says as much about the nature of fame and money as it does anything else.

What happens next? I have no clue, but I'll no doubt stay interested, as I think this is a fascinating case to follow. I do know this though: as the late, great Dr Hunter S. Thompson once observed, "(you) buy the ticket, take the ride". For Tiger Woods, the ride is only just beginning.

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