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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

$25 vs. $75,000

Interesting article in today's Scranton Times regarding the on-going medical care saga at the Lackawanna County Prison. Link here.

Here's a key line for me:

Meanwhile, the commissioners and county controller's office approved paying $114,083 to Correctional Care to cover hospital bills, $75,000 of which was paid without receipts to back up the payment.

Want to know one of the differences between the bubble-world of county government and the private sector? I need to provide a detailed receipt (that includes who was paid, how they were paid, date paid, etc.) for any expense I incur of $25 or more. Apparently you can do business with Lackawanna County and the receipt threshold is, shall we say, "somewhat higher".

Now this whole mess would border on the laughable if it were not for the more serious nature of the underlying problem: namely that service being provided is very important. I know, I know, there are some out there that have the "they are in jail, screw'm" mentality, but I disagree. Not everyone in Lackawanna County jail is a hardened criminal, and regardless, no one should have to suffer without proper medical care...especially when the taxpayers are in theory paying for it.

This one doesn't steer my vote towards Corey O'Brien for Congress.

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