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Sunday, December 27, 2009

I Had A Good Laugh...

...reading a posting at another blog that ripped my last posting. I know, that sounds complicated, but read on.

I find very interesting is that the blogger didn't link to my original posting, but instead used it as subject matter for several hundred words of his own content (including select quotes from yours truly). Think about that: He felt my posting was so horrible that it warranted all that effort in response, but yet he didn't want anyone else to see the source for themselves. Boy, what I wrote must have been pretty, pretty bad!!!!

Now part of me wants to pick apart what was written about my content line by line. Why bother though? I'll let the critique stand on it's own merit. I will say this in response though: My purpose was to comment about why there is so much corruption in this area; it's not an accident that there have been nearly two dozen indictments in Luzerne County, so there must be something unique afoot. Anyone can of course disagree with me, but simply saying something along the lines of "there are bad people in Luzerne County government " doesn't offer an awful lot of insight.

Anyway, you can read the "critique" for yourself at this link. Say what you like about me, but I always credit others for their work, even when I disagree with it.

Blog on Mark...and I'm glad I was able to provide you with some inspiration.

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