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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bob Morgan as a replacement for Greg Skrepenak?

The blog 'Scranton Guardian' linked to an article in the about how Bob Morgan has the inside track as a possible replacement for Greg "I didn't know that bribery was illegal" Skrepenak, who is now probably wondering how he got himself into this mess in the first place*. Anyway, I'll look for Gort and others with far more political savvy to dissect this in greater detail, but I did want to mention give it mention.

Why? As I mentioned a few months back, I actually knew Bob Morgan when he worked for Prudential Retirement. In fact, I believe that he was something of my replacement when I left the world of account management to purse the far more exciting world of separate account asset-to-liability proofs (I am being sarcastic...but that whole episode is a story in and of itself). Back in those days, Bob was a well known and well liked guy. Hell, he may still be. But getting back to the history lesson, the Bob Morgan of those days was well known mainly for two things:
  • His very professional sounding voice; in fact, we used to call him "the voice of Prudential" because he did so much voice-over work for the company. Going back to October-ish, the moment I heard one of his commercials for Controller, I knew that was the Bob I knew. Voices like that don't grow on trees.
  • His fairly conservative leanings. Not show how that worked out, as Bob ran as a Democrat, but that's okay...there are plenty of conservative Democrats out there.
Bob back then was a very decent guy who was smart, loved his family, and always seem to try and do what was best. Now I'll confess that I haven't followed his career since the mid-90's, so who knows what has happened; remember, we are talking about Luzerne County here, where there must be something in the political water that breeds graft like bacteria in a Mexican well. Being an optimist, I'm going to hope that the Bob Morgan of today is a lot like the Bob Morgan of yesterday...all be it with less hair.

So good luck Bob, for if this whole story comes true, I have a feeling that you will need it.

(*) Here's a free hint for Skrep-Daddy: in spite of what he was told during his years of grid-iron success, being a football hero prepares you for one...and only one...thing: playing or coaching more football. It no more prepares you for political leadership than Dungeons & Dragons prepares you for a military career.

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