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Thursday, December 10, 2009

From the Pennsyltucky File

A Hamlin, Pennsylvania burglar stole $3,000 worth of cigarettes early this morning.

Story Link Here.

Personally I think the story has a kind of "funny/sad" aspect to it.

Actually this gives me an excuse to create a "Pennsyltucky" label. I have to give credit to a former co-worker, Shannon Johnston, for cluing me into the word "Pennsyltucky". While I hate to admit it, sometimes my home state is more rural than I'd like to admit; sure we have our oasis of culture here and there, but damn there is an awful lot of "backward-ass" going on.

As for the 3,000 cigarette thief, well I really, really hope he/she is planning on selling them on the black-market. The alternative is, well, really frightening.

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