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Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009 - Those I Wish To Thank

I really do like the whole "end of year reflection/planning for the new year" thing, as it fits in well with my in-bred German sense of order and organization. For me, this notion that we start January off with something of a tabula rasa is this kind of wonderful gift that life gives me each and every year. In keeping with that thought, I have a few Thank You reflections to offer; some names are omitted in order to protect the innocent, some are not.

Thank You to all those who helped keep me physically and mentally healthy in 2009. This includes my Dentist, Dr Charnitski from North Scranton, the guy who finally got me to realize that there is a direct connection between your dental health and your physical health. Special thanks for my dear friend Kay (from the O.C.) Crawford who both inspired me to get off my lazy ass and is always there to keep me mentally straight. It's a privilege to know you K.A.C.

Thank You to the service professionals who did great work for me while charging me a fair price. This includes my former neighbor Jason Torrisi, who is a hell of a plumber; the guys at the local Laser Lube who never rip me off & last but not least Phil Vullo and the crew at Vullo Motors who really came through in the clutch with all those November-December repairs on my Cruiser. If you are in the area and you are looking for an honest garage to deal with, check them out.

Thank You to all my friends on Facebook, as you have actually helped me be more of an open person. Interacting with other humans on a personal level has never been one of my strongest suits, so something like Facebook is nothing short of miraculous tool for an introverted tool like me. I should also note that it was my daughter Katrina who insisted that I get a Facebook page in the first place. Thanks Trini-Bug. Social Media proves that the Internet is more than just porn and shopping.

Thank You to whatever higher power exists in the Universe for giving me the gift of life and the ability to ask a good question or two. While I have more questions about faith than I have answers, when pushed to the limit it's hard for me to believe that all of this that surrounds us was the result of some giant cosmic "brain fart".

Thank You, last but not least, to my daughters, Katrina, Korin and Rebecca for giving me a higher purpose in my life. I love you ladies more than words can ever describe, even when you are highly dramatic.

Finally, I can't think of a better way to end this post than with "Thank You"by Alanis Morissette.

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