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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Not In My Backyard

Well, Dunmore Borough Council...the medical experts that they are...decided that there was no need for a Methadone clinic in their town.

Story Link Here.

Now someone could retort by saying "Steve, you idiot, they simply said it can't be located in the Industrial Park!", to which I'd respond: "Trust me, there is NO WHERE in Dunmore where they would allow this clinic to be located". This vote WAS NOT about zoning/parking/ was about the maintaining the idyllic notion that substance abuse problems don't exist in a certain town. As a previous meeting, a Dunmore resident was quoted as saying "this should be located in Scranton", which pretty much sums the opposition up: not in my backyard.

This one's for you Gerry...


Anonymous said...

Amy Winehouse, the biggest argument against rehab. How many times has she failed??

Stephen Albert said...

I don't think she has ever actually gone to a real rehab facility...which I think was the point of the song. I was bummed that I couldn't past the studio version of the song, as it's a great tune.