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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Your Parents Lied...Monsters are Real

Clemency is denied for Washington DC sniper.

As a general rule, I don't believe in capital punishment simply because in most cases it's really nothing more than state-sponsored revenge.  What's more, I do also acknowledge that some people can be rehabilitated to the point where they could contribute something to society or at least brought to a place where they might understand the gravity of their crime.  Truly understanding the gravity of a crime and then having to live with that knowledge seems like a very fitting punishment.

I qualify the above opinion by noting that I've never had anyone in my family raped, killed etc.,; if my circumstances were different my opinion might be as well.  What's more, I would never argue with someone who, having experienced some horrible personal tragedy caused by someone else, has a different opinion than mine.

Anyway, about the only time I think capital punishment seems acceptable is when the crime in question is so horrendous that it's not possible for the person in question to really understand the gravity of their actions.  That seems to be the case for the John Allen Muhammed who leaves this world tonight.  Here's to hoping that the families of the victims find some closure in his departure.

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