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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Things I Am NOT Thankful For...

(Inspiration from Ken at

This year I am NOT thankful for...
  1. The Abuse of Children - Nothing is more horrible or cowardly.
  2. Religious Hypocrites - People who point fingers at others for sins they themselves are guilty of are at the top of my list.
  3. Chicken Hawks - People who are willing to send others off to die, but did not/would not serve if were their turn. Conservative commentators seem especially guilty of this kind of stuff. Special Note...while I disagree with Sarah Palin's politics, since she is the parent of a service member I can at least respect her opinion when it comes to matters of military commitments.
  4. Limousine Liberals - It's easy to preach compassion and care for the poor from the rear seat of your E-Class while drinking Cavasier, isn't it?
  5. The Pennsylvania Legislature - Every single member. If you ever want to see an "entitlement mentality" at work, don't go to an inner-city housing project...instead simply to go Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
  6. Excessive Consumption - Whether it's a middle-class couple buying a McMansion or a family on Welfare using a cellphone, people just need to learn to live within their means.
  7. Tobacco Companies - If I sold a product that killed everyone that bought it, I'd be in jail. Funny, but tobacco companies do that every day and get rewarded for their efforts.
  8. The Abuse of Science - Science brings you to conclusions based on a theory; the abuse of Science involves having a conclusion and then searching for (or creating) "facts" to support it.
  9. Bernie Madoff - Greed is not good.
  10. Fear Mongers - Some people seem to believe that you can win an argument by simply scaring people into believing you. That's not persuasion, it's one of the worst low-ball tactics employed in the public arena today.

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