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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Road Apples, #50

Governor Rendell/Budget/Veterans...I heard on the radio this morning that, as part of the overall budget cluster F&^k in Pennsylvania, Governor Rendell closed the state-sponsored Veterans Outreach Centers. It seems to me that there is no amount of money that is too high to spend on veterans needs. Yesterday the governor should have held his head in shame, although I'm thinking this is just one of many issues where that would be occurring anyway. Oh, but wait, he is a politician, so I'm thinking he's already moved past this.

...Well I tried the newer, advanced editor and didn't like it. Among my issues were the fact that I couldn't get the spell check to work (although I actually use the Firefox built-in spell check anyway) and it kept adding those annoying HTML extra spaces that I hate. Fortunately changing back to the old editor was easy. File this one under 'N' for "No one gives a ____".

120 Channels and Nothing On...I was heading up to A.C. Moore yesterday and I couldn't find anything that I liked on the radio. This is with Sirius Satellite radio, you know, with something like 120 different channels. I still like satellite radio, but I'm thinking that I don't really need the listen to the news in Korean. Oh, and they do have the ability, in theory, to order channels a-la carte, but apparently you can only do this on certain receivers. It does make me wonder if I really need this guilty pleasure. On the plus side, it's a God-send when you drive for any distance; nothing is more annoying that driving a few hours and having to constantly change radio stations. On the negative side (in addition to what I've noted above), I got the radio really to listen to Howard Stern and I honestly think that the show isn't nearly as good now as it has been in the past. I know, "boo-freak'n hoo".

On the Dental Front...Supposedly the crown for my dental implant is in today, so I might in fact be able to come home this evening and have a full set of molars on at least one side of my head. We shall see. For the record, this entire process has taken nearly a year. Obviously the jury is still out on how I feel about the experience in totality, but I am looking forward to getting this last phase completed. If anything, it's a pain the butt to have to use two tooth brushes in the morning (I use an Oral-B electric toothbrush in the morning, but I can't use that where the screw is drilled into my jaw so I end up having to use a regular brush...just in that spot...and then the other brush for the rest of the work).

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