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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sure Sign of the Apocalypse #34: Ford to Replace the Crown Vic

Article link here.

Yes, that favorite of police departments and the over age 70 set is set to be phased out of production by 2011. This is a car that enjoys cutting-edge (of the 1970's) technology plus more interior room than the average Cuban house, not to mention a trunk more than fit for mafia body dumping duties.

One of my favorite things to do with my girls when we would go on long trips was to guess who was driving the Crown Vic's we saw on the road...old ladies or unmarked police.

What's next, replace the hot dog with some form of textured soy product? Put real cheese in cheese wiz?


Anonymous said...

Darn Steve, I am dissapointed. Once I got my current car paid off, I wanted to get a Crown Vic.
I am tall, and would appreciate the room.

Father Dave Bechtel

Stephen Albert said...

Now I didn't mean to imply that it isn't a great car...I drove one once (it was a rental) and it reminded me of the 1974 Chrysler Newport I had in college. Great memories.

As for cars with room, I drive a PT Cruiser and it fits my 6'3" frame very, very well. Tons of head and leg room.