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Sunday, November 8, 2009

10 Observations About Growing Older

Note that my next birthday is a while off, but for whatever reason the thought just occurred to me that things really do change as you grow old.  Not being one to brush-off inspiration in any form, here goes:

  1. Weight - When I was a kid I could devour McDonalds until my blood was the equivalent of french fry grease; now just smelling McD's makes me gain weight.
  2. Music, Part A - It seems that 95% of the newer music I hear today sounds exactly the same (exceptions go out to Nickleback and a select few others).  Kind of what people my age back in the 60's must have said about The Beatles I guess.  Seriously though, when my kids force me to listen to Sirius Hits 1, all of the songs seem to have that electronic vocal enhancement nonsense that makes them all sound the same. 
  3. Music, Part B - Since almost all of the newer music I hear sounds horrible, I've gone back and "discovered" bands like Pink Floyd.  That shows you just how very nerdy I was back when I was a teenager.
  4. Body Talk - When your body gets older it seems to talk to you much more.  "Shouldn't have eaten that last night moron!" is a frequent refrain I hear from mine.  "You do know that I am going to make your legs feel like steel beams in about an hour" is another.
  5. Talk Radio - You actually listen to talk radio.  Now in my defense, I have always been a fan of Howard Stern, but I'm not sure that counts as being pure "talk radio".  Anyway, there was a time when the thought of listening to people talk about news and politics on the radio would have caused me to puncture my eardrums with chopsticks.  Now I actually listen to it.
  6. Work Around the House - I actually look forward to doing things around the house.  When I was younger I could barely muster the interest to pick up my dirty laundry.
  7. The Younger Look Much Younger - It's getting to the point where the average high school student is starting to look somewhat fetus-esque to me.
  8. The Older, Well They Don't Look So Bad - Case in point.
  9. You Think About the Past - Granted that when you are younger you don't have much of a past, but when I was 16 I didn't spend much time thinking about when I was 10; as I've gotten older though, I do think about when I was younger (and how much of a moron I was back then). 
  10. Glory Days - You actually can listen to the Springsteen song Glory Days and truly understand what it is about.  In fact, you can hear the song and immediately a vision of some mondo-jock from high school comes to mind; you know, someone who now probably sells used cars...that or the prom-queen who is now contemplating plastic surgery.

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