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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Random Teenage Memories

For no reason, in no order and having no particular meaning... phones

...the smell of the Globe Store (especially the book department, which was near the restaurant)

...graduating from high school and having the principal not mention my name while handing out diplomas

...actually being good at basketball in during high school gym class

...wearing size 36 waist jeans and having them still falling down

...walking to school

...when people used to hitch-hike

...when there were "drunk comics" (like Foster Brooks); now days, for some strange reason, people think drunks are like dangerous or something

...putting plastic models together; at one time I think I had the entire Luftwaffe in my bedroom

...this blue plastic radio my mother had that we would listen to on Christmas Eve

...when cable consisted of about 20 channels

...wearing a Holter Monitor for a day in high school

...filling out the entrance application at Bishop Hannan

...serving at the morning Masses for a week a month at Holy Family with my brother Rich

...absolutely hating Ash Wednesday

...when people could smoke anywhere

...the green/orange 1974 Plymouth Duster that was so basic that it lacked carpeting (rubber mat) and a radio

...installing an FM Converter in my mother's Chevy Nova

...trying to get the courage up to ask someone to my Jr Prom

...listening to Pink Floyd and not getting what all the fuss was about

...when dances at school had live bands

...having an 8 track tape player

...the first album I ever bought (Parallel Lines by Blondie...I might still have it BTW)

...discovering the White Album by the Beatles

...working at 4H Camp during the summer

...delivering newspapers

...when it came to girls really, seriously not knowing what the hell I was doing (and in a purely karmic act, now having 3 daughters)

and last...

...thinking that "by the time the year 2000 comes around, my life will be all set"

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