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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Public Facility + Pulbic Money = Full Disclosure

A classic example of NEPA at close to its worst is noted in a series of articles in the Scranton Times that deals with the on-going efforts by the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees to hide elements of their deal with the stadium authority. The latest installment is noted here.

This isn't one of those political issues that, after reading about it you just shut your eyes and simply say "whatever". No, this one is pretty simple: the SWB Yankees use a public facility and public money is involved (namely payments to the stadium authority), therefore there needs to be full disclosure when it comes to all contracts and agreements.

In this particular instance, the SWB Yankees granted a concessions contract to, you guessed it, themselves. I guess they just want us to take it on faith that they will provide the best concession deal to the owners of the stadium & the team, namely you and I. Sorry to disappoint, but I take virtually nothing on faith, nor do I think anyone else should.

Free tip to one and all: if you want to keep your finances and financial arrangements private, then stay out of the public arena.

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