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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Well, after having business trips almost weekly since the beginning of August, I'm finally finished being "on the road" for what I think will be a while. These past two days I've been attending some near year-end meetings for my department, and they mark the end of what I have planned. I may have a day trip or two and maybe one overnight, but from now on it's back to more of a "normal" schedule. Now I've been traveling for business reasons for over twenty years now, so suffice to say I have some experience; that noted noted, I always try and treat every experience as an opportunity to learn. Here are some of the things I've learned (or re-learned) over the past three months:

  1. It's like Making Hotdogs - Training someone how to use a new piece of technology is a lot like what they say about making hotdogs...namely that no one wants to see how it's done, they just want the finished product. More true words have never ever been spoken.
  2. 24 Hrs - Traveling on business is like working 24 hours a day. Even when I am not on the company's property, I'm thinking about the company's work.
  3. Some of the Nicest People in the World Work in Hotels - Having a responsive, friendly person waiting for you at a hotel reservation desk at 10pm when you check-in is a God-send.
  4. Glamor - Despite what anyone else might think, there is nothing glamorous about traveling on company business. Driving or flying anywhere is a pain, you always end up eating too much, and nothing screams "pathetic" more than hanging a dress shirt in a bathroom while a hot shower runs simply so that you don't have to iron it the next morning.
Yes, I am indeed done.

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