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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yet Another Follow-Up to P&G Posting

See my previous postings for the article link.

There was a comments on The Scranton Times website related to this story that read something like "This wouldn't be an issue if the jokes were about George Bush", which nearly made me fall off my chair. CLEARLY, the poster didn't read the story.


The primary reason why the P&G employees were fired was something related to a photoshop showing the White House with watermelons growing in front of it. That picture wasn't a political was a RACIST statement. Calling President Obama a Socialist isn't actually correct in my opinion, but it is fair political commentary. However a picture that reinforces racial stereotypes is the kind of stuff that's best suited to Klan rallies, not political policy debates.

It amazes me the depths to which people leave their brains at the door when it comes to political debates. This is why, I suspect, so many people listen to the Limbaugh's & Beck's of this world: it requires no's the equivalent of being spoon fed what to believe. Oh, and yes, I do believe that part of the blame here lies in the race-baiting of certain political entertainers. When the likes of Glen Beck constantly interject race into political debates ("Obama has a deep-seated hatred of white people"), it's only natural that some will take that as a lead-in to even more outrageous comments.

Mark my words: this is only going to get worse.

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