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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

11 Reasons Why I Love The Fall

Listed in no particular order:

  1. Change - Fall reminds me that everything changes, but this fact itself provides a measure of comfortable predictability.
  2. Temperature - I love the temperatures in the Fall...days are not too hot, nights are nice and cool. I can work outside and not get horribly sweaty.
  3. Clothes - I am more comfortable in Fall clothing.
  4. Color - This part of the world is just so much more colorful this time of the year. This is a simple beauty in looking at the side of a mountain and seeing fifty different colors displayed for all the world to see.
  5. Halloween and Thanksgiving - My two favorite holidays are in the Fall. I especially love the notion of Thanksgiving because none of us are ever good enough at counting our blessings.
  6. Preparation - Fall reminds me that I need to prepare for the future; for me this means preparing the house for the Winter, but it could also mean preparing for Christmas or other things.
  7. School - The start of school...even if you don't go to just one of those natural rhythms that makes you feel that all is well in the world. I also remember so looking forward to school starting again back when I was young. It was as if you were getting on a ship about to start a new cruise to somewhere different and exciting.
  8. Nights - For some reason I always think the night sky looks especially clear on a crisp Fall night.
  9. Work - Fall usually means finishing things up at work. That's especially true for me this year.
  10. Rebirth - Fall reminds me that even when things seem to be dying all around, the fact is really only temporary and that what seems like "death" is really just necessary preparation rebirth in the Spring.
  11. Smell - As strange as it seems, smells are important to me. This is one of the reasons why I am such a militant against smoking: it just plain smells horrible. Anyway, I just love the smell of Fall...that combination of fallen leaves and wind that tells you winter is on the way.

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