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Monday, October 26, 2009

Road Apples, #47

Hurry Up & Type - I'm actually leaving shortly for Pittsburgh. Yes, insane as that is, I'm driving to and from Pittsburgh today. By my count that's about 11 hours or so on the road. I'll be ready for institutionalization by the time I get home.

This Week - In addition to Pittsburgh today, I am in Hartford tomorrow and Wednesday for staff meetings. The good news is that Tuesday/Wednesday is the last overnight trip I have on the schedule for the balance of 2009. It sounds weird just writing it.

Home Schooling - Note to self to write about home schooling. I just don't get it, unless of course the parent is an educator (but then that would make even less sense). The topic came to mind because of some books I saw for sale on a local bulletin board.

On The Health Front - I really, really blew it this weekend eating wise. Just horrible. I think I would have eaten wallpaper paste had it been available. The remarkable thing is that I continued to eat even after I was full. Yet more proof that the whole weight thing is more mental than physical.

Penn State - I watched most of the Penn State game on Saturday. Obviously I was nothing short of thrilled. They played like the team they are capable of being. One more big hump to overcome: Ohio State, which isn't a great team this year. Luckily the game is at home for Penn State. Now if Iowa can just lose a game or two...

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