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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Road Apples, #29

My Favorite Time of the Day is in the morning, between about 6:15 - 7:30am (now actually). I seem to have the most energy, I am the most alert, and my mind is usually thinking both prospectively at the day as well as at deeper things.

In The Proud Dad Department - My middle daughter Korin was inducted into the National Honor Society at school last night. The second of my daughters to receive this honor (Katrina was in it while in high school as well). My youngest daughter, Rebecca, will no doubt be inducted next year as well. Sometimes it's easy to lose perspective on your own children when you face the daily trials and tribulations of lost makeup, linty skirts, upsetting friends and sibling rivalries. However, when I take a step back and look, I see that I'm truly blessed with wonderful (all be it messy) children.

At Work - It's been a difficult week at work, despite the holiday. The past two days have featured schedules whereby I'm basically in meetings or on calls all day, not leaving time for lunch or anything else. What I like to do is to take my lunch time and use it to workout in our gym, then working through the normal lunch time. However I haven't been able to do that as I haven't really had any lunch time. An added complexity is the fact that I'm working on a large-scale technology project, and it is reminding me of another project I worked on last year. That's bad. Why? Because that particular project featured me just basically being buried alive in work that ended up not making much of a difference. It's one thing to work hard and see results; it's another to work hard for almost nothing. Nothing is the operative word there, as I put in countless extra hours into this project (evenings, weekends) and I really didn't get anything for for it...sure there was a little "thank you" bonus, that after taxes that didn't even come close to compensating me for the extra time I put into the project. Yeah, I get it - this is my job - but you know what? At some point in time there has to be some equality. I shouldn't be swinging from the rafters while others are enjoying 9-5ers.

Judge Sotomayor - I hear that the Limbaugh's of this world are ready to castigate Judge Sotomayor as being guilty of "new racism". Is it me, or does that not sound pathetic? Look, judge her based on her qualifications, but seriously, a bunch of old white guys calling a Latino woman a racist is a bit of a tough nugget to swallow. It's especially difficult to swallow coming from Limbaugh, who, if you listen to him for any length of time (as I have), you get the distinct impression that his middle name is "misogynist". Yes, I am sure that there are millions of older white folks nodding their heads in agreement with Rush every time he opens his mouth, but that just proves why we need a diverse Supreme Court: this country - whether the Rushies like it or not - is filled with more than just older white folks. Personally I disagree with Judge Sotomayor on the New Haven (I think it was New Haven) firefighters case, but unlike Limbaugh, I don't view someone who disagrees with me as being unqualified for the federal bench.

Physically - I am a train wreck. I've not been exercising (see above) and my eating habits have left a lot to be desired. I use lots of excuses, but at the end of the day there are not (real) excuses. At 45 years of age I need to grow the hell up, accept full responsibility for my own actions and start readying myself for the second half of my life. It's that simple. Change, as I've often noted, is very difficult for some of us. For me, a lot of these kinds of physical changes are not really physical changes, the are instead physical manifestations of mental changes. I learned that a long time about about weight loss: It's not a physical activity in as much as it its a psychological one.

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