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Friday, May 8, 2009

I Hate Apple (A Tech Rant)

Very good Apple satire video, courtesy of Hulu, here.

Okay, saying that I "hate" Apple is a bit strong, after all I have bought numerous IPods for my girls over the years (in fact, I think I span all but one of the Nano generations...I never did buy one of those stout models). However I would never buy an Apple product for myself. Why? Apple has this habit of making products so simple that I find them annoying. Nowhere is that more evident than with iTunes, which I've banned from my laptop all together. I want to be the one who decides what goes on my mp3 player, not someone else (and especially not iTunes). I have a ton of songs I don't listen to very often, so it's far more convenient for me to simply drop and drag the files onto my Creative Labs Zen player.

iPhone? Hell no. That screams "trendy", but the thing is enormous. What's more, as an early adapter of touch screen technology (I had a Palm Treo of the first true touch-screen phones), I know first hand how fragile that technology is, although some of the newer phones from LG and Samsung look pretty durable actually.

Macs? I'm sorry, but I'm not a Screen Writer, I don't play with graphics all day and I like to be able to actually get software for my computers, so that's another Apple train I will not be getting on any time soon. I rather like my Sony Vaio, thank you very much, complete with the "less than perfect but perfectly functional" Windows Vista operating system. Another pet peeve? The new, light Mac laptop has a battery that can not be removed by the owner. Think about that: what is the shelf-life of a laptop battery? This thing has to be sent back to the manufacturer to get the battery replaced. I'm sorry, but that sounds incredibly stupid to me.

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