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Friday, May 29, 2009

I Often Wonder and Struggle With...

...just what I "should" and "should not" write about in venues like this, particularly as they apply to people I know and people in my family. Quite simply I don't ever want to write something that might be offensive or intrusive into another's privacy. I wouldn't want that for myself, and by extension I wouldn't want someone else to feel that way either by virtue of something I wrote, good intentioned or not. Strange huh? I write a blog that is available (note that "available" and "actually viewed" are two different things) to millions of people, but yet I'm concerned about privacy. The two concepts don't always mesh well together.

Anyway, my youngest brother has suffered from a very serious medical problem, something that we discovered yesterday evening. This is something that's serious enough that we were worried for a while that it could be life-threatening, but it appears, at least at this stage, that he is now out of danger. It's far too early to know anything about a long-term prognosis, so now the focus is on getting him the best possible treatment.

Times like this it's often very difficult to put into words the images, thoughts and feeling that flow within your head. I've always that this is where art really becomes important. An artist can sometimes capture in a painting, in words, in music the most complex of things in the seemingly simplest of ways. So while it may seem corny, trite or even ridiculous, here's something of a dedication to my brother, with my very best thoughts, wishes, hopes and prayers for a speedy and full recovery...

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