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Friday, May 15, 2009

Note From The Road

This was something I wrote on Tuesday evening in the hotel room. Now I could have posted it then, but I'm very cautious about even the perception that I might be using my work laptop for personal use, so I wrote it out long-hand and am re-typing it here.

FIRO-B is the "Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation - Behavior" tool that is designed to help people explore their impact as a leader on effective group/team functioning. Note that the term "team" as used here is a fairly broad concept - it could be your individual work-group (the people you work with daily) or it could be your larger organization (the group that your individual team belongs to).

Anyway, I recently took this assessment and participated in a debriefing session on Monday afternoon. The results were not too surprising. Not to make things too complicated for a reasonably sized blog entry, but as part of the results you get this assessment/description of your overall interpersonal orientation. After reading mine, I'm thinking that either:

a. I'm in the wrong line of work
b. I need to be institutionalized

Anyway, for sake of completing this thought, here is the overall description of my interpersonal orientation:

"You likely feel little need for involvement from others. You probably have a strong preference for working alone and tend to be close to relatively few people."

Now along with this description is a scoring system, with a maximum of 54; my score? Why it was 9. Yes, I couldn't even crack double digits.

Maybe there is a job opening for a hermit or bridge troll that I could post for somewhere within the company.

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