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Monday, March 16, 2009

Signs You Are Getting Old....

All I wanted was a pink Oxford dress shirt. That's it. Something made of a decent cotton weight material, in pink, with a button-down collar, pleat in the back, etc. I want to five different stores and found nothing. I finally did find something marginally acceptable at JC Penny's, but it's not really an Oxford shirt. I suppose this means that I am getting old. The pink Oxford shirt is to me what wearing dark socks and sandals is to men in their 70's I suppose.

Other signs I am getting old:
  • I really can't stand, by and large, the music my teenage daughters enjoy. Now some of it is listenable, but a lot of it isn't.
  • I like listening to people talk on the radio, as opposed to music. Well truth be told, I do listen to some music, but the split is something like 60/40 when comparing to time spent listening to talk-radio vs. music. Much of that 60 is Howard Stern, with the remainder being local talk on station WILK.
  • While I really do like gadgets and technology, I can't stand Apple's Ipod products. I find I-Tunes to be annoying at best, confusing at worst. They succeeded in making things so simply that I find it irritating. I find it much easier to simply drop and drag files into my decidedly less complex Creative Labs Zen mp3 player.
  • I still read the paper, which explains why newspapers are having financial trouble these days. In a world without newspapers, where will you get local news? Younger people today want everything compressed into a Twitter posting.
Yes I confess: I am getting old. That's frightening, because in the back of my head, I'm still this 12 year old boy with a poor self-image and too much imagination for my own good. Where does it go? It was only yesterday when I was in high school and then college.

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