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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In The Sickening Department...

I was in the gym at work the other day (yes, we have a gym at work...) and despite my desire to the contrary. the Ellen Show was on the TV. Anyway, "P.Diddy" was on, talking about the recent event where two current musical stars, Chris Brown and Rihanna were involve, were involved in a little incident. Google search results here (in case you are curious). The long and the short of it is this: Chris Brown (the male) pretty much beat the snot out of his girlfriend, Rihanna; said beating included choking, bite marks, punches, etc. In fact, Rihanna was beaten so badly that she was nearly unconscious. That in and of itself should make most sane people hang their heads in disgust. However, it gets worse (and back to "P.Diddy"): on the Ellen Show, P.Diddy said that since on one was there but these two (Brown and Rihanna), no one should be judging them.

Yes, no one should be judging them.

Here's what Rihanna looked like before the Chris Brown beating. Photo Link Here.

Here's what Rihanna looked like after the Chris Brown beating. Photo Link Here.

Well "P.Diddy" is full of it. There is never, ever an excuse for that kind of behavior. Want to know what's wrong with our society? Simply ponder what "P.Diddy" is saying. Forget Chris Brown accepting responsibility for his actions. As long as there are apologists for this kind of behavior this kind of behavior will flourish. What kind of message is "P.Diddy" sending to young women, that it's okay to get beaten-on by your boyfriend because "no one should judge"?

As a father of three daughters I am completely, utterly disgusted by this whole episode.

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