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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Road Apples, #21

Yesterday my Internet service was down at home and my voice-mail at work was at work. Coincidence? I'm not quite sure, but I was bummed out over not being able to get on-line yesterday morning. We humans do value our routines.

In the "Stupid Entertainment" Department I was watching one of the "Blade" movies last night. I think they are the intellectual equivalent of McDonald's french fries.

At Staples Yesterday, I was looking at the new breed of netbooks...these are very small laptop computers that have enough memory/processing power to surf the net and do basic task, but lack things like CD/DVD drives, large hard drives, etc. The ones that I saw ran on Windows XP. Very, very cool. The prices range from about $300 upwards of $900 (for a high-end Sony). The only drawback for me is the small screen, but I could adjust. Now if I didn't get hosed at bonus time maybe I'd consider getting one.

On the Music Front I've been listening to some Harry Nilsson from the CD where he sings standards, such as "As Time Goes By". I think I'm going to order it. Listening to Harry Nilsson sing is one of those simple joys in life that I like to partake in every once in a while. The man had such an incredible voice.

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