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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday, Not In The Park, I Think It Was The 28th of March

Title is with apologies, of course, to Chicago.

Well it's about a quarter to four in the evening, and I've been going at a brisk pace today since about 6am. I had to get up early to take Rebecca to work, and from there I had the usual Saturday stuff to do, including paying bills and grocery shopping. Today however, I had the added thrill of getting the gas grill all ready for the outdoor season. That entailed taking off the winter cover, cleaning it out, inspecting the burner, getting a new take of propane, etc. The burner was, by the way shot, so I needed to replace it. After taking the old one out, I cleaned out the bottom thoroughly and installed a universal 17" replacement burner, the same thing I think I did two years ago. The burners themselves don't last much more than two seasons, if that.

Did I mention how wonderful it is outside? Well it was wonderful this morning, although now it's a bit overcast actually. No rain in the offing for the rest of today, but it certainly looks like it could rain.

Now this is supposed to be a long weekend for me, as I have Monday and Tuesday off. I use the word "supposed" because I in fact will go in on Monday morning for a staff meeting. Aren't I the team player?

Another task I am contemplating is to swap out my cold for my warmer weather clothes. That's a little ritual that I usually perform around the end of March, when I'm sure that the snow is forever gone (or gone at least until maybe next November). I really could use some other short sleeve shirts to wear for work. Perhaps I'll do that after dinner.

Well I suppose I should get on with a few other things, including some decision on dinner. Perhaps it's a good time to put the grill to use.

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