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Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Week...

...or maybe I should make that "weak", as I was not feeling well over this past weekend. It started later in the afternoon on Friday and just continued throughout the weekend, and while I won't add any details, let's just say that the only thing that helped was liquid Imodium. Not the pills, but the liquid stuff, which quite possibly is not most vile concoction since Father John's Medicine.

Anyway, I'm hopefully feeling better now, although that jury has not yet completed deliberations.

The week ahead looks busy on Tuesday-Thursday, but reasonable today and Friday. Next week I'm off Monday and Tuesday, so that will give me a chance to put away all the winter stuff, such as the snow thrower and shovels. I'd also like to replace my outside water tap, which rusted and broke last Fall. Having a functioning hose would be of some help as I start to get ready for things like yard-work and such.

Well I must be going...a few things need to be done before I head out to begin what I am sure will be another "fun-packed, adventure-filled" day.

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