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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Response to Comment, Howard Stern

I received this comment a week or so ago, but I didn't respond at the I hope the original commentator doesn't mind if I respond now.

thecraptacular said...I think is that Howard Stern is misrepresented in Media, and whoever does not listen on the everyday basis gets a preconceived notion of him that he is some sort of 'bad boy' that needs to be taken off the air. it gets difficult, as a fan, to hear these misrepresentations on the everyday basis.
February 21, 2009 12:43 PM

First, thanks for the comment.

Second, I agree with what you wrote.

Third, along the same lines as the comment above, what's amazing is that so many people seem to believe that, for example, Howard Stern's audience consists of longshoremen, guys sitting in garbage trucks or 18 year old males skipping high school classes. For example, two of the truly smartest people I've old boss Bob and a former co-worker Shannon are big Howard Stern fans. Both are very professional...successful...white collar...and not what some would "expect" to be a Stern fan. Hell, I'm not what you would expect a Stern fan to be.

Now are there things on the Howard Stern show that I don't like? Sure, (such as when Stern starts talking about how model wife...honestly, that's tough to relate to or care about) but when that happens I have this incredibly complex tool that I use to remedy the situation: I change the channel. People who don't listen to the show have no clue as to how varied the show can be...there is always something different going on...which is why I can have parts of the show that I don't like but still enjoy it overall.

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