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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Road Apples, #18

It's Cold Outside...In fact it was about 8 degrees out there when I got up this morning. I thought this was supposed to be March? I want a thaw, and I want it now! It's so depressing that I didn't even bother to shovel the sidewalks yesterday. Damn, I should probably do that this morning.

There's A Cold Inside...Both of my daughters at home have colds now, with my middle daughter being very sick over the past week. Fortunately for me, I've not suffered much, at all, from anything like that. Now I do sneeze a lot normally, but I think that's from the cloud of cat hair that permeates the atmosphere of my home.

Liberation...Today at noon marks the "official" end of my engagement in a project at work that has sucked up the better part of a year. The toll? About 20 lbs in additional weight, countless weekends spent working, 13 lost vacation days and about 5 years in aging. Those aren't even the worst things though; for me, the worst part was the fact that I put a lot of effort into something that, at it's core, simply isn't a very good product. Good effort chasing bad is never a positive thing.

A/V News...I am slowly getting things together with my new TV. I hooked up the VCR (yet to be tested) and both XBoxes (regular & 360) yesterday. My regular XBox works great...the test pictures were spectacular. My XBox 360 is on the fritz and I need to bring it back for servicing anyway. Next up: connecting the cable. With a bit of luck I'll have that completed this evening. Can you say "Battlestar Gallactica in HD"?

Why Can't...I get the song "Like A Virgin" by Madonna out of my head? Is this some form of beamed-into my skull torture perpetuated by an evil alien race?Maybe if I keep singing the song "Mr Bad Example" by Warren Zevon that will somehow displace the evil Madonna stuff.

Incompetence...I have been trying to buy Long Term Care insurance from my employer, but they keep asking me for additional information, I keep sending it in, and they promptly send me letters saying that I didn't send anything in. The latest incarnation? I faxed stuff in about two weeks ago, and yes, yesterday I got a letter saying that they had not received anything. I need to think "calming thoughts".

Car News...I need to get the Cruiser inspected, but first I need my windshield repaired. What's stopping me? I have yet to check my policy to see if I have glass coverage. I need to do that today so that I can get the windshield replaced maybe this weekend. Sloth sucks.

Okay, I need to get my butt in gear and head off to work. It will be a looonnnngggg day.

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