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Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Still Hate Sleeping, TV & Other Thoughts

Just wanted to mention that I still HATE sleeping. If there is a God, I'm sure this was one of his/her practical jokes played upon humanity. Now my perception of sleeping might change if I actually could sleep well, but that's another story. As it stands now, I think I need to get a new pillow, as I'm starting to get headaches from my current one.

Wait, I need to put a little disclaimer in here.

I actually have four pillows: I sleep with one between my legs (something I do at the suggestion of a chiropractor from a few years back when I had back trouble) and I have three under my head. Well of the three under head I actually only use one of them; the other two kind of prop-up the third one where my head actually lies. I know, that sounds pretty complicated, but at least it's consistent with the rest of my life (complicated that is...). Anyway, it's the pillow that my head rests on that probably needs to be replaced.

In other news, I finally got the cable fully functioning for my new flat screen TV. I had it hooked up a few days ago, but the lower channels were very snowy, so I ripped out all of the old cable in the basement and replaced it with new cable. I think the problem with the old cable may have been interference from electrical wires or maybe even too much cable rolled up in a ball. Regardless, I measured the amount I needed, bought a run that was pretty close in length to what I needed. ripped out the old one cable, and re-ran the new cable using non-conducting plastic clips to keep it away from electrical wires, etc. The final product is a really good picture, even for 720p resolution. I still want to watch a DVD with a lot of visuals to get the whole effect.

What's next? Well I have to get my XBox 360 replaced, which I'll probably due this weekend. From there maybe I'll think about upgrading the sound for the TV, as I think it sounds a bit thin. I'm not a complete audio-head, but I do appreciate good sound. Maybe I can run audio through my Tivoli Audio radio (I highly recommend Tivoli little desktop box sounds great)

On the work front, I find myself having a mildly difficult time adjusting to a schedule that isn't psychotically bad. Over the past year, as I've noted on numerous occasions, I've been involved with a project that really sucked everything I had out of me. I've since moved on (well actually I'm still involved, but now more from a consultative role), but instead of being booked all day every day with meetings I actually have time to read my emails, write and plan. I know, difficult concept to grasp. As Katrina would say, "le sigh".

Speaking of Katrina, she is ending her stint in Cleveland helping the under-privileged over Spring Break. I am very proud of her for doing this.

Wait, I am changing gears here so many times that this probably should be a "Road Apples" post. Oh well. My blog, therefore I can make up the rules as I go along, right? Hell, this might be the only place where I have that measure of control in my life.

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