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Monday, November 3, 2008

Voting For A Candidate (not Against a Candidate)

Support whomever you want for President tomorrow, however I have one suggestion: actually vote FOR that person, not simply AGAINST their opponent.

What does this really mean? Well...

...understand the policies and ideas of the candidates. Read what they put out on their websites. Read articles in respected publications; this would include both right leaning (such as the Wall Street Journal) and left-leaning (such as the New York Times).

...ignore sounces of infomration that you know are completely biased in one direction or another. Rush Limbaugh is not a good source for information about Senator Obama. Keith Olbermann is not a good source for information about Senator McCain.

...understand what's important to you. If taxes are a concern for you, then pay attention to the tax policies of the candidates.

...ignore the crap about Obama being an "Arab/African/Non-Citizen/Flag-burner/Muslim" just as you should ignore the crap about McCain being "Crazy/PTSD suffering/Adulterer/Mod-connected", as none of it is probably true and all of it belongs on a Jr High School playground,l not a serious discussion about who should lead the country.

...listen to others, including family, friends and religious leaders, but don't let them take the power ONLY YOU HAVE to make YOUR decision.

...look at the records of the candidates and see how they have voted in the past on the issues that matter most to you. Here's a link that can help -

...lastly, listen to and see how the candidates have condudted themselves during the campagin. Have they been honest? Are they talking about issues or simply throwing mud? Do they seem passionate?

In the end, I really do believe that every vote counts. However, because of that, every vote should be cast FOR SOMEONE, not simply AGAINST SOMEONE ELSE.

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