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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Likes & Dislikes

In the "probably no one gives a crap" department, here's a list of likes and dislikes from yours truly. This is probably a repeat, but

Cats - Maybe it's their "I'll be affectionate, but on my terms" attitude. Maybe it's the fact that they are the ultimate stress managers...ever see a cat sleeping? Now that's relaxation! The are relative clean (except for the litter box) and don't smell. Decent size...not too big, not too small. They also have their own individual personalities.

Non-Fiction - I enjoy reading biographies and pieces on politics, current events, astronomy, etc. I also like my reading in chunks that manage my incredibly short attention span. - One of the best news sites on the Internet. Lots of current content sorted by category, with a great mix of text and video. Interesting "Top 5 ____" articles that make for short-but-fun reading.

Mozilla Firefox - The best Internet browser on the market. Intuitive controls that can be customized, lots of features to protect privacy.

Coconut - I love it. Candy...deserts, etc. It matters not. Good coconut cream pie is as good as it gets.

Pennsylvania - Big cities (Philadelphia & Pittsburgh), rolling country side (Lancaster County), forested hills (NEPA). Affordable cost of living, relatively low property taxes and, if you live in Scranton, NYC and Philadelphia in about two hours. The downside is that the economy has never been great, especially in this area.

Governor Ed Rendell - A politician's politician, glad-handing with the best of them, but also a very smart guy who gets stuff done. Has butted heads with just about everyone at one time or another, which isn't a bad thing.

Satellite Radio - A great guilty pleasure, although I can do without the "news in Korean" channel. Well worth the $12 a month.

Contributing to Children's Charities - Call me a softee, but I think there isn't much worse than seeing a kid having to battle cancer. I don't wish illness on anyone, but some of us at least have had a chance to live a decent life; the notion that someone who hasn't had that opportunity being struck down is saddening. That's why I do my best to support charities that help children.

Newt Gingrich - I don't agree with everything Newt says, but I do admire his logic, reasoning and passion. This is a very bright guy who appeals to the head. He only fails when he pushes the "family values" button, which is not a good move with some of the baggage he carries.

Dogs - I have nothing against dogs, well other than the fact that they can be, well, stinky. We had a dog when I was a kid. Nice pet, but man was she stinky. I'd actually like the idea of having a dog to walk, well except for having to pick up after it. I think I'll pass.

Fiction - I have a very tough time reading most fiction. I actually got into trouble when I was around 12 for refusing to read 'The Outsiders' during a summer program. About the only fiction I've actually ever read was the occasional SciFi novel. No offense to anyone, but I just have a tough time getting into something that isn't true. - Probably one of the worst Internet News sites. A shockingly small amount of content that isn't refreshed very often. Too much video content.

Internet Explorer - Horribly, simply horrible. The world's most hacked web browser. I find the latest version's "icons instead of commands/buttons" interface to be confusing. Just where the hell is the refresh button?

Peanut Butter - I can't comprehend how human beings can consume this rancid crap. The smell alone makes me want to vomit.

Connecticut - Hartford is Newark NJ's mini-me. Incredibly high cost of living. Some very nice people, but I get the impression that it's the worst managed state in the union. About the only nice thing I can say is that it's quainter than New Jersey.

State Senator Bob Mellow - Nothing personal against Senator Mellow, as I am sure he is personally a decent guy, but I don't get the thing with using taxpayer money for things like college theaters and then having them named "The Bob Mellow __________". How about "The Taxpayer ___________" instead?

Commercial Radio - Safe programming, 24/7 Foghat & Freebird, and almost constant commercials. An idea whose time has gone.

Contributing to Political Action Committees - I've never given a dollar to a politician campaign, party or PAC, nor will I ever. By in large, PACs have narrow visions that support narrow segments of society. Some have very worthwhile missions, but I think there are other priorities in life than supporting the right to own a machinegun.

Rush Limbaugh - A guy who was secretly addicted to drugs while at the same time saying publicly that people who use drugs should go to jail. 'nuff said.

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Anonymous said...

LOL ... I can't believe that you don't like Peanut Butter ... this is my favorite thing in the world ... comfort food ... now I have to say that I am not a big fan of coconut ... but to each his/her own ... I must agree on one thing though ... I hate the smell of peanut butter on someones breath ... YUCK!