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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snowing Sunday, Part Deux

"...and the snow turned in to rain..."

Or so wrote the late, great Dan Fogelberg.

So it is here, as the snow of this morning is morphing into rain. All the better for Katrina's trip back to K-Town (she hates it when I call Kutztown that). Anyway, by way of update, the following has been accomplished to date this morning:

- Washed the dishes
- Dried and put together all the assorted pie pans and holders that need to be returned to my mother-in-law
- Went down to Big Lots to get replacement compact fluorescent bulbs. Replaced the burnt-out bulbs in the kitchen and send floor hallway
- Changed said bulbs
- Changed the cat litter (lovely)
- Put away cans of soda
- Emptied the garbage

I'm now waiting for Katrina to come over so that I can take her to get gas for her car and a few groceries at the market. The next two weeks are her last of being at school without the benefit of a meal-plan. Could not come soon enough, as it was really tough for her to eat right without having the benefit of the school cafeterias. That's changing for next semester. Hopefully she will get here soon. Ah, she's here now. Time to scoot.

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