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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Creative Loafing

Some of the places where I spend time on-line...

Cult News Network
A daily listing of articles on cults, religious extremists and general fruitcakes.

Am I Annoying Or Not
I always check out the recently added celebrities. Basically a site where you can vote on whether you find a particular celebrity...current or being annoying (or not). I don't vote on it, but there is terrific trivia value in the short bios posted.

Tee Shirt Hell
Don't click on the link if you are easily offended. I buy from the site every once in a while. There is some damn funny stuff there.

I think it's the best site on the web for news. The page is easy to navigate, there are virtually never any dead links, the stories change throughout the day and they are quick to post breaking news.

Matt Drudge is at his worst when he pushes too hard on the right-wing button, but it's a great site never the less. Breaking news is posted very rapidly. This has been my homepage for years.

A cool site for silly-assed videos. Lots of car crashes and stupid kids getting messed up while riding skateboads. The viewer comments are sometimes funnier than the videos. The picture galleries are always entertaining.

Urban Dictionary
Want to know what 'Santorum' means in urban slang? This is the place. In addition to being pretty funny, it's also very informative.

Operation Clambake
Everything you always wanted to know about the "church" of Scientology. Very, very scary stuff.

Song Facts
Want to know the inspiration behind the song "Everythign I Own" by Bread? That and much more can be found at this site. I could spend hours here.

The Scranton Times
Hometown newspaper.

Where I go to watch old (and new) TV shows. I highly recommend it. Another place where you can spend hours. Don't bother linking unless you have a high-speed connecdtion.

I love Sony's products. Check out the closeouts and other special values. You can get some great stuff at great prices. This is where I buy virtually all my personal electronics.

Local Message Boards - DohertyDeceit, PilcheskyDeceit & NEPAMedia
Definitely in the category of "you have to live here to understand this crap", but if you're from NEPA, you might find some of the postings interesting.

LOL Cats
If you are a cat fan, then you'll enjoy this site. If you're not, then you'll simply think it's stupid.

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