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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Snowing Sunday

It's Sunday morning at 8:07am as a I start to write this, and I've already been up for about two hours or so. It's strange when you think about it: I've been up now for two hours, and I've really not done much of anything, outside of showering, having a bowl of cereal and reading the news. Ah, such productivity.

Have I mentioned yet that it's snowing outside? It's basically the first real snow we've gotten this season. I am hoping that it turns to rain for before too long, as my oldest daughter needs to drive back to school today, and I don't want her going in this kind of weather. Fortunately she is heading south of here, so the temperatures by and large will be going up, if ever so slightly.

Anyway, it's been an uneventful weekend. I took my oldest daughter out Christmas shopping yesterday morning, right after I dropped my middle daughter off at modeling school (she goes there twice a month). We spent the morning at various bookstores, and ended up getting lunch at the foodcourt at the Viewmont Mall (pizza for me, Chicken for her). From there I spent some time looking at her car (a few minor items) and then it was back to Kingston to return middle daughter home, all be it not home, as I actually took her to a friends house. From there it was a quick change into decent clothes (as opposed, I suppose, to the indecent ones I had been wearing), as there was a wedding reception to attend in Pittston. The reception was for the daughter of our next door neighbor, who also happens to be related to my wife. She's a nice lady, I'm glad to see her happy, and the reception was a fine event. Note that generally speaking, I'm a fairly anti-social kind of guy, so things like wedding receptions don't always "ring my bell", if you will, but like I said, this was a fine event for a very nice person. The day ended at about 11:30pm, with the usual bedtime rituals completed (glass of yummy sugar-free dietary fibre...yummmmm...flossing my teeth, brushing my teeth and finally head-hitting pillow).

As is fairly typical, I didn't sleep great last night. I almost always fall asleep very quickly, within something like 5-10 minutes. It's just the staying asleep that's a problem for me. There's usually too much crap floating around inside my head for me to really relax enough to sleep great. That's the problem for me: sometimes I just can't shut the "noise" down. I think I as up two or three times during the night before I saw on my alarm clock that 6am had arrived. I figure that 6 is a fairly decent time to wake-up, even in the absence of anything important to do.

So now I'm looking at today, which will be consumed with the usual Sunday stuff. This includes cleaning in the morning, taking my mother shopping in the afternoon and probably some work in the evening. Ah, the joy of ritual. Why do I think that one day I'll be this 80 year old man who will get all bent out of shape because the paper wasn't folded right?

The snow has stopped, all be it for just a bit. The outside thermometer says that it's 32 degrees outside. I'll keep my fingers crossed that it stays on the uptick.

Funny, but with all this talk about snow, I've been thinking about Spring actually. I, like my mother, love the smell of Lilacs, so I'm thinking about getting a few bushes for the backyard. Not sure yet where they will go, but hell, I've got time. Maybe I'll get two or three different colors. Something else to think about it. Maybe I'll ponder it further tonight, when I am supposed to be sleeping.

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